Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Miss Independence

Christopher has been "stealing" center stage at our "potty training headquarters" but by far Lydia has been the bathroom "hog". She has been basically potty training herself since last week. After she kept taking off her diaper, I finally caved in and let her have BGP and she's been in little girl heaven (you should see how proud she is when she wears some of Anna's).

We have had a few accidents, but we usually don't realize it until she's running through the house without bottoms on because she's taken off her wet clothes and left them in the bathroom. Or when she's really mad at herself for wetting herself. We still haven't had a successful BM on the potty with her..... but that's my goal, so I'm on the hunt and always waiting for the opportunity... ah ahaha

All of Lydia's efforts are part of her desire to be like her siblings and her fight for more independence..... she's been in a bed for over 3 weeks now. And last week I removed the high chair for cleaning and storage (hopefully) and her booster seat wasn't quite ready, so now she's in a chair like her siblings.... even determined not to use a booster at Travis and Andrea's last night:)

And the picture is her attempt to dress herself... here is.....


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Jenn said...

So cute! Lydia is a girl who knows what she wants! And that is a good thing.

Jordan always loved dressing herself at a young age too. There is a funny pic of her, when she was in preschool of her dressing herself. She wore bright yellow socks with cream shoes...hot pink top...I'll have to pull that one out and post it for some smiles. =)

Blessings, Jenn