Monday, September 1, 2008

An "extra" Saturday

This morning we had tentative plans of heading up "north" a couple of hours ot visit with some siblings.... Although I hated not to go, it would have meant rushing around as soon as woke. I'm sure we would have found stuff to do with the kids, but to have three young children, two of whom are potty training, and parents ready for some R&R... it didn't sound like the right plan for us. So instead we had a "quiet" morning in the yard, riding bikes and just being together!!

Here's Christopher on the phone with Grandma and Grandaddy sharing his 1st "stinky success"... we all have hopes that this will give him the confidence and motivation to have MORE successes in the coming days:)

Our sweet "Liddy Bug" chatting on the phone sporting her "new" lip.... she fell on the cement last night.

And Anna played with the Bubble Gun that we forgot to give back to Grammie.... it's still a hit:)
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Grammie said...

Congrats Christopher!!! Good JOB!! You're one step closer to BIG BOYHOOD!! And that Thomas train.

So glad you are still enjoying the Bubble Gun!! I actually found some here ( but they don't look like guns)and plan on bringing a few with me to Nepal. Thanks Anna for testing the product for me and showing me what a "hit" it will be with the children there.

Love you all and miss seeing you

grandma said...

The next best thing to being there is to talk to the "Grands"

I am proud of you Christopher and Lydia for all that potty training.