Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Name Fish

We finally got a new fish to replace our Mr Chips who "kicked the bucket" during VBS.... we kept his passing from the kids, even leaving the water in the bowl, but after a few weeks Anna started getting suspicious of why she didn't see Chips... she started getting worried that he jumped out. So I had to spill the beans!

While at PetSmart on Tuesday with our friends, the kids were looking at fish and then we left the store. Anna just broke down crying saying that she "missed her fish". So Andrea rose to the occassion and we went back in and picked out our new fish!

The problem is that we still haven't named him. Daddy has been pulling for the name Warren Betta (like Warren Beatty). Tuesday the name was Fishy Hammer, yesterday the name was Sylvester and I just asked about the name and was told his name should be "Harry Hippo".... hmmm??

SO he isn't named yet... but like you could see from the photo above on the left, he's well loved!! Anna even asked to feed him this morning (without our prompting)!!Mr CHips would have LOVED for someone to remember to feed him in the morning, we usually remembered that we forgot by lunchtime:)

1 comment:

Drea said...

He is a unique beta :-) glad Anna and the rest love him.
I think you should name him Blackie HAHA
or pepper...

Or maybe Salty if you want to be color correct :-)