Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Exciting Day... haa haa

We didn't actually have anything extra planned today.... just get some cleaning done, laundry and schooling.... hmmmmm??? Maybe today I am supposed to be learning that I can handle more than I want to... when I rely on Him, my faithful Lord.

So it started at about 3:30am when Anna came in saying she couldn't sleep and while tucking her in I felt she was burning up.... kind of like Christopher on Friday...gotta' love those "family" germs:)Needless to say she's been on the couch or in bed all morning... she tried to do some school but "hurt too much" to do anything... so we'll read later and push stuff back a day...

Lydia has been semi-potty training for a month now:) When we put her in diapers she either takes them off to pee-pee or pee-pees once in them and throws them away... so we've been going thorugh some diapers.... and she's demonstrating that she's ready to potty train. So this week I was going to focus more on potty training Lydia. More stick to my plan and not give in to diapers soo quickly (after soo many accidents).

But don't you know as soon as I started really focusing to Lydia pottying this morning, Little Man decided he wanted to join in the fun.... he liked getting the gummy bears (2- one for pottying, one for pottying with a happy heart)!! But then I had to remind him about pottying again and he was done :)

And just to add to the growing choas, I had my sweet husband bring down all the little boy clothes so I could finally get them sorted and put away in plastic bins instead of the cardboard.... which I've been meaning to do for over a year now....

Hahhaa.... girls' stuff is next... they grow like weeds:)But it had been nice to have everything soo organzied with the girls stuff, so when I need a certian size or season for Lydia... it's right there in the labeled bin:)

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