Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What to do???

Christopher is seriously NOT interested in being potty trained.... I feel like he knows what to do, but he's a busy little boy that has PLENTY to do besides being potty trained! He's NOT interested, NOT focused, just doesn't CARE how wet (or dirty) his pants are.... And a big problem of mine is that he has yet to demonstrate he is trained for this to be an obedience issue....I just don't think he's there yet.

But Lydia is a determined little girl. She wants to be a "big girl"!!!

So I'm giving it another couple of days.... but I don't want this "goal of mine" to hinder my ability to enjoy Christopher....I"m tired of being frustrated when I find him quietly playing in his room SMELLING!!

Anymore wisdom???


Anonymous said...

Hm, not really a wisdom. I would have thought that it would disturb him when he is wet while he is playing. How's the weather over there for you? Do you have the chance to let him play in the yard naked? Maybe he will feel it uncomfortable when it runs down his legs? Don't know whether it helps. Maybe he is just too lazy right now?

3 for Me!! said...

We did have some outside time and he finally, finally decided that he could pee-pee on a tree.... I also brought out the potty seat and the girls did their pee-peeing in that:)

He did surprise me today, though, a PT 1st for Chris.... I didn't see him for a few minutes so I went hunting for him, expecting him to be in the corner of his room "making stinky in his britches"!! But to my surprise he was sitting on the potty making pee-peeing!!! A BREAK THROUGH!! He had decided he needed to go and had done it without me rushing him in or telling him it was "time to try"..... yay!!I totally praised him and handed him a candy (which he hadn't received in days)!! H ewas beaming and loving the praise!!!

So on Day #8...maybe we have a chance!!!

raffertymomma said...

We used the book "Potty Training In A Day" and it worked pretty well. We waited a long time to potty train our daughter so by the time we started she was ready to go. We had about 2 weeks of occasional accidents and that was it!

I do think boys are different, however, in that some of them just don't care if they sit in their wet clothes. One thing that I have found with all boys is that they LOVE to pee-pee outside. And you know what?! I'm all for it! (Of course, as long as your neighbors don't mind.)

Keep up the good work!