Sunday, September 21, 2008

If your husband/pastor asks....

How was the sermon?

My husband asked the question this afternoon after church. Before I answered him, he stopped me and told me I had to follow the ....

Sermon Critiquing Suggestions for Pastor Wives :)

1. It's generally better to wait and be asked about their sermon than to initiate the conversation.

2. Always immediately respond with something positive.... if there is NOTHING positive comment on his appearance, posture, etc

3. Never offer negative feedback if your pastor is hungry.... sooo nothing too critcal before lunch.

4. Hesitate and add an element of being unsure of yourself before giving negative feedback.

5. If your husband is particularly prideful you may need to follow negative feedback with ; "But what do I know? You're the professional and I'm just you sweet, humble wife." Then smile.

6. Comparisions to legendary preachers is always nice:) hahahaa...

7. FINAL NOTE: "Honesy is the best policy" doesn't appear in the Bible.

A conclusions from my husband's wife. I am very blessed to be the wife of a good preacher.... went I get the chance to sit and listen to my husband I am always very proud of him and usually left with something to "chew on" (AKA apply to my life). Part of the reason I enjoy hearing him preach is that I like his well thoughout, clearly presented, and logical style and his illustrations usually capture his main points, allow me to relate to the point/passage and are easy to remember....

... But we all have off days or moments :).... And my heart (and hopefully the heart of many pastor wives) is to encourage my husband and the ministry he is serving!! So I want to encouarge him and give him an honest answer to make him "better"!!

In all honesty, our husband/pastors need our encouragements !!! So let's remember that "iron sharpens iron" and that "two are better than one" and work with our husbands. Encouarge their ministries. And preaching!!!!


Heather said...

Great post. :-)

Stacey said...

I'd love to hear your hubby preach sometime. I never get to sit through a message in our church either. Either one or both kids need attention at least once!