Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ants and School Update

Fire Ants

The kids aren't showing any signs of being ithcy or bothered by their fire ant bites. Lydia does have one or two that look redder than the rest, so I'm watching them....but other than that no reactions.

Interesting though that my kids are allergic to MILK, EGGS, PEANUTS, and Christopher is now allergic to WATERMELON, CANTALOUPE, SQUASH.....

But NOT fire ants!!

Homeschool Preschool

I did change the schedule to divide up Anna's reading time. She did the easier part in the morning when the two little ones were still content with "quiet play" and then she did the more "intensive" reading part when they were in bed for naps. And honestly it worked beautifully. Anna had had a break from the reading so she was excited to start the story part and we enjoyed the "alone" time with each other.

For our FIAR time we tried to paint one of the trees from the book.... it was a story set in the winter so it didn't have leaves...etc! Anyway, they didn't quite paint trees, but we were able to talk about why these trees didn't have leaves and they had some art time....which they enjoyed.... sometimes I do wonder if I have three budding little artists in my midst....

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