Friday, September 12, 2008

The Look - Watered Down Heidi

Christopher is probably the one most relieved about Momma's camera being sent off.... he's finally getting a break from the crazy-Momma-armed-with-the-camera.

On a completely different topic, I've been wanting to read classics with Anna and whoever else will listen. We tried it during the day but it felt like non-picture book reading with Anna goes better at night when she's all tucked in and Lydia can listen from her bed. Anyway, last night we finished Heidi!!!

As I closed the book after the last page, Anna asked, "can we read it again?" I giggled and said that we'd have to find some more books like Heidi to read together:)

I brought it into the kitchen telling Brian how exciting it is that Anna and I can read "classics" together..... only to look down at the book to find it was totally a watered down version... not even abridged!!! NO wonder Anna was able to pick out all the words that she knew!!!


Grammie said...

Oh well at least she liked it and even asked for you to read it again... :)

Anonymous said...

Try to get Mary Poppins for reading with Anna. I think it is a cute story which she will be able to read and understand.

Anonymous said...

another recommend: "The children from Noisy Village" by Astrid Lindgren. I am sure Anna will love it!

Lis said...

Providence LOVED Heidi, and so did I. Another fun one is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but make sure you get the one with Helen Oxenburys illustrations. Andrea said she just got it this past week so she may have shown it to you already...we loved all the pictures in it and it's not watered down at all [=