Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Bride and Groom - Sort of

Here's another "Anna original"... she drew it of her Uncle Scott and very soon-to-be Aunt Bea...

Just in case you were wondering, Uncle Scott is the green one and Aunt Bea is the purple one:)

And this is what the description underneath says:
(dictated by Anna, written by Mommy)

Uncle Scott and Miss Bea getting married. Miss Bea and Uncle Scott have 2 grown
feet because they can be in the family.

So I guess all those who are in our family must have "two grown feet" at least in a silly little girl's mind:)
My kiddies are definitely NOT lacking in imagination and silliness:)

***FYI.... Lydia added the green to the picture... just the wedding decorations that she thought Anna overlooked:)


Beatriz said...

Tell Anna and Lydia we say thank you for such a beautiful picture, tell them to save it so they can give it to us for the wedding!!!
We love them very much!

Drea said...

I wish Caleb was more into art like Anna. Caleb doesnt like to draw much at all... :-(
Tell Anna I want a picture of me and Taite... but Taite in a sling HEHE

Drea said...

and Caleb in the background making noises HAHA