Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mud Fun and Fire Ants

We had Andrea and her crew over for supper.... they actually brought dinner and we all ate, played and then ventured outside.....

He had a BLAST and didn't care a bit about his nasty, full-of-mud diaper.... now you know WHY he wasn't bothered by wet and dirty pants while potty training!!!

We had an unfortunate "end" to our evening. The kids were all playing in the yards and Lydia fell off the tricycle into a pile of FIRE ANTS!! Of course we didn't immediately realize that she landed in an ant pile. We did knock a TON off of her...

but she still got a lot of bites.... probably 50 or so! We had the Benadryl and cream ready. And after many attempts to get a hold of our medical resources, we finally got through and realized that nothing can be done for her at the doctors unless she were to have an extreme rare reaction....

Christopher got bit right after Lydia. He has about 10+ on each foot... He too got the Benadryl!! I am going to look around for things that could ease the itchiness of these bites.... I would totally rather give birth than to have a really itchy rash for a day or so!! So I really feel for these two little ones:(

And tonight we'll be checking on them constantly!!!

Anna immediately noticed that Lydia's bites looked like a number "4" on her leg..... ohh, my poor Little Baby!!!

Pray for their little bodies not to react to these bites and for their comfort these next few days as their bites begin to ITCH!!


grammie said...

Inground pool-$30,000.
Fun in a rain puddle- priceless!

Poor Lydia..ouch.. but Kelly ..give birth?? rather than itch.. LOL

Very observant Anna, I see it too!!

3 for Me!! said...

ohhh yes!! I HATE to itch.... I am such a wimp when it comes to itching.... at least labor only lasts a couple of hours versus DAYS of itching!! Maybe I just have a higher pain tolerance than itch tolerance??

Drea said...

HAHa yea... ill take ant bites over birthing a baby any day :-) girl u are power woman !! although i would rather give birth than have a 24 hour stomach bug. I have only had one in my life... and it was the most awful 24 hours ever!!

Im glad shes ok.. despite the itchy results in a day or two.
Keep us posted.

Erica said...

Hmmm...your birth experiences must be a little different than mine... LOL!!!

I don't know if it helps after the fact, but some things that can lessen the effects of ant bites are pouring Witch Hazel or Listerine over the bites. (not together!) I have seen bleach listed too, but haven't had it in me to pour bleach on my kids.

If you can't tell, we've had to deal with tons of bites too--Elliot once had over 40 bites just on his foot! It was all swollen, poor guy. But he braved it like a little hero!

Anonymous said...
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