Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chasing Planes, some more PT and Babysitting

Well, it's crop dusting time again.... or atleast the plane flew overhead a couple of times making passes over the fields in our area. The kids LOVE the planes... well Lydia isn't too much for the planes getting too close but she likes them in the sky!

Christopher was a hoot though. He immediately grabbed his bucket and found a stick to "catch" the plane with. The plane was in the sky so his sense of how BIG the plane really was ....was a little off!! But it was cute to see him so determined to "catch" the plane.

I did make a video of him, but it's kind of hard to heard him so I'm still debating about posting it. He describes how he will spray the plane with his stick and then catch the plane in the bucket..... he even makes plans to climb on the church roof to get closer to the plane....


Lydia on the other hand had a very good potty training morning. When I tried to PT Chris, Lydia was actually using the potty by herself. But now that the focus is on her she's been having a LOT of accidents.

I've still been sticking "big girl pants" (BGP) on her and then after she wets through a few I stick back ont eh diapers and start again in the morning. I'm thinking of this as the TRAINING stage. I will set the timer to give us both warnings that she should try but sometimes she's not wanting to try or I don't hear the timer.

I'm not really in a rush with her. I just have seen her interest and ability. And she's taking her diaper off after just drops of pee-pee because she doesn't want to be we'd really be going through diapers:) Plus she wants her BGP... and her gummy bears:)

So we'll just keep on:) This morning though I took her to church and outside to play and she didn't wet once (she held it or didn't have to go). So maybe our "training time" is starting to yield some results????

Finally tonight I'll be heading to Drea's for some babysitting.... for months we've been talking about watching eachothers' kids for the evening to give eachother Date Nights. So finally one of us saw the need and we're trying it out:) So... we hope they have a needed break and a nice evening.... our chance is coming soon:)

Just a question...... when a friend watches your kids in the evening, do they drop their kids off at your house, or do you go to theirs???

I offered to go to Andrea's just because her boys so to bed earlier in the evening and I thought they would want to enjoy the evening without any time contraints (minus businesses closing, Kroger is 24 hours though). And while they probably wouldn't care if the boys stayed up late one night... it wouldn't be good to try it on a Saturday night... sounds like a rough start to a Sunday:)

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Drea said...

I think its best to come to the parents house. that way the baby sitter can put the kids down and their kids wont interfere w/ the other kids. make sense? :-) we are so happy you are coming 2nite! :-D