Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Girls' Day

The girls and I left early this morning for the doctors.... they had to go for their well checkups (about time). ANyway, I like to put off doctor's visits because in the past they've been really tough to take.... Anna used to cry as we pulled into the parking lot and didn't stop until we were pulling OUT.

Maybe it's because she is 4 now... or because she is experienced or more sensible, but she did a great job. She was a little hestitant and didn't obey doctors and nurses immediately but she complied.... And of course we found out that she growing like a weed... she's in the 70th percentile with height!! She got all the tall genes... and might be taller than both Brian and I! Lyddie Bug is growing quickly too.... and although I think she's a little pudgy, she's right where she needs to be:)

After the doctors we headed to Krogers (to scoop up some sales)with some friends. When we went in it was pouring down rain, when we were coming it out the weather had cleared a bit. But Anna wanted to use her cute little umbrella again. Here's a picture that Andrea snapped:

So that's a pretty good pic of her hair now:)

Our morning was filled with playtime and lunch with friends and then a grocery run to Wally World. A busy but fun morning/ early afternoon!!

When Christopher woke up from his nap, he was soo sweet. I asked him about his morning/early afternoon with Daddy. I asked him about lunch and this is how the conversation went:
Me:"Did you eat hamburgers?"
Chris: "yep"
Me: "Did you eat french fries?"
Chris: "Probably...... and some checkup" (aka ketchup)

Funny kid.... where did he get "probably" from???


Anonymous said...

Anna's new haircut looks great! I think it was a good idea that she wanted to cut them. They are looking much thicker.

~~Devita~~ said...

hahahhaha..... they are really funny. They seems have a very great day :D

with checkup:D

Erica said...


Orli says actually. And draws it out like she's thinking. CUTE!

I'll have some checkup with that.