Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hand-Me-Down Comparisions :)

One fun thing with have two little girls at two different ages is comparing the hand-me-downs on the girls:) Here is a cute little outfit Grammie brought back from her world travels.... I've really been wanting Lydia to wear it before she outgrew it..... ahh, it's still a little big, so I have plenty of time for her to wear it some more :)

Ok, the picture of Lydia was taken tonight at 18+ months and the picture of Anna was taken in Sept 2006; she was 27+ months:) Maybe Lydia will be a little bigger than Anna...

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Anonymous said...

cute. yes, maybe you are right that Lydia is right now a bit taller at her age than Anna was. you will see how long Lydia will be able to wear it.