Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look Who.....

.... decided to join the FUN!!!

Lydia has been asking to get "big girl pants" (BGP) on for the last three days!!! She'll say "stinky, stinky" and run to the potty and stand there until I strip her down...everything has to be OFF....and then she'll do her business and run into her room and attempt to get on her BGP!! And she'll fuss and fuss if I get out a diaper, but...

really, for my both is too much right now. I'm letting Lydia do BGP until one accident and then I insist on diapers. The problem is that Christopher isn't consistent enough for my attention to be divided between him and Lydia. Once yesterday and today as I was tending Lydia (on and off the potty) CHristopher found the opportunity to get away from me and mess in his BBP.

But Lydia is NEXT and SOON....she's just as consistent (maybe more than) Chris!! And she thinks it'sd fun to sit on the's still a fun game to her.....I'm really thinking the sooner the better with her, to capitalize on her willingness.

Christopher Day#3 UPDATE: He seems to be loosing interest. He held his bladder for hours and hours this morning....even reminders didn't help. But then let it all go.... so today sometime it's supposed to CLICK for him! The good think about him holding it was that we went through LESS BBP. The afternoons seem to be challenging for us....maybe his little bladder will be tired of holding everything and maybe I can push the drinks more.....

OK, I have a little one that woke a little too early from her nap and is determined to snuggle in my lap with the laptop:) Snuggle time (while brother sleeps)!!


Drea said...

When we trained Caleb (right at 24 mo) I took him potty every 20 minutes the 1st day. then as the day progressed every 30.. then every 45... I set timers. I made him sit on that toilet until he pee'd.. if he didnt pee I set it for 5 more min, then tried again. Almost every time he sat down though he would pee.. We played bubbles a lot (blew bubbles at him) and sang songs while he sat.. it worked for us but at that time it was just him.. so I was able to sit there as long as I wanted. No other responsibility :-)

Its harder with more kids.
When we'd go shopping though I set timers as soon as we left the house. Id take him pee before getting in the car. we lived 30 min. from anything. never once had a car accident.. as soon as we got to the store id jet to the toilets. He did great. In 2 weeks he was fully trained except for naps and bed time.

What worked for him was the timer method.. and after going SO MANY TIMES haha he realized the sensations and how to go and how to hold. He was more aware of his body.

I plan to do the same method with Taite.

So cute about Lydia :-)

Anonymous said...

I think if Lydia wants to use the toilet, too you just should allow her. Of course, I can imagine that it is hard with two kids. But maybe it is also a push for Christopher to train, when he sees that his younger sister is doing better than him. It maybe will impugn his ego. Just an idea.

Heather said...

She will prob. learn a little quicker than him. My oldest girl, just decided on day, and that was it. Now my boys.... that's another story.