Monday, August 18, 2008

The Battle Wounded Kid

Here are the stats..... 2 stitches and no swimming. And Mike, the brave soul who went with Brian, said he could hear Christopher screaming from the waiting room. I'm not sure why my kids are petrified of the doctor.... of course this didn't help the fear, I'm sure!!!


Drea said...

awe.. well i dont think its a doctor fear.. its the strap you to a table, rub numbing solution and jab the head with needle fear HAHA oh and large lights in the face arent fun either.

Caleb had to be BINDED like a mummmy. He was 26 months? was badddd! he screamed so much he lost his voice towards the end.

Drea said...

oh and check out this -
its the post i did 2 years ago on calebs sitches

Anonymous said...

poor lil boy. but is he showing around this "cool" wound now? The son of a friend ran the head ahead in front of the heating when he was young. Of course, he was screaming like mad for pain and he also did not like to go to the doctor. But later he told how cool he is and that he maybe will keep a scar. Guess that's what boys are, small in their hearts but big with the mouth. LOL ;-) But I really feel sorry for Christopher. Hope the week will be better for him from now.