Monday, August 4, 2008

Catching up with Friends

One of the greatest treats on the way back from Canada was to stop and see friends:)

The first friend we were able to make arrangements with was my sweet high school friend Stephanie. We met in Middle School in orchestra, shared the treasured 1st chair in 8th grade and just shared a lot of "moments" throughout high school. Stephanie even said that she had our "journals"... the notebooks we would pass back and forth, writing note to each other......hmm, modern day e-mail or texting...I guess....

We hadn't seen each other since sometime in college when I was visiting my Dad!! Anyway, it was a fun time to catch up with her and for her to see my little ones in ACTION!!! (We met at a playground that I had gone to while growing up, so the kids had plenty of room to show off their energy.) One of the funniest things about our time together was that we have new interests in common, like Jane Austin (although I was told that I MUST read some of the books....which I hope to start soon). And I'm hoping to make arrangements soon to travel back to see her for a big moment in her life... we'll see :) Oh, and she introduced us to chocolate covered gummy bears... very interesting and yummy, thanks Steph!

The other friends we were able to meet up with was Mr Jim, Miss Peggy and their grandson, James (and later their dad, Chris). This is such a sweet couple to my family..... they wee the ones that started bringing me to church which lead to the majority of my family becoming Christians!!! After my family began attending regularly they STAYED in our lives, encouraging and sharpening us... which they still do :)

In fact before Brian and I got married we visited with this family, I really wanted to get their honest opinion about our relationship and their wisdom about marriage!! We are blessed to have such a sweet and godly family friends and we were soo glad to have had the opportunity to see them:)

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