Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics & Attempting culture

The summer Olympics in Beijing have started..... I love watching the Olympics and routing for the US atheletes and the "under-dogs". A can't believe it's been 4 years AGO.... I remember the last Olympics.... I was new to a small town and a my first small little baby to learn how to take care of..... the Olympics was GREAT beacuse it gave me an "outlet" for my first few weeks!! So tonight we've been enjoying the opening ceremonies and testing our geography:)

We pulled out our chopsticks and ate our "stir-fry" dinner:) Just one way for us to attempt to teach the kids about China (the host country for the Olympics this summer)!!

And this is the reality of my attempts to teach my kids..... they totally got silly with the chopsticks....

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Anonymous said...

LOL...I love to watch the Olympic Games,too. But because of the time difference between Germany and China, I do not think i will see a lot of it. I would love to watch the basketball matches and the women soccer matches. But all are running when it is night here or when I will have to work. Anyway Olympic Games are one of the less reasons for me to switch on the TV even in the morning before work and where it is running all day. Luckily the next Olympic Games will be in England and this will mean only 1 hour time difference for me :-)