Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Journey Home

Well I'm exhausted.... imagine that :)

We left Canada on Thursday AM, and were in the car for over 13 hours to get to our destination.... see Kelly's father's family....including my uncles, aunt, cousin, Pop-pop and BROTHER.....and some sweet friends:)

After a day of visiting (Fri), we headed to my mom's family reunion. I hadn't seen many of my mother's family in when Anna was 2 months old.... so it was a treat...and some are even SeeTheFam blog-readers :)

And then we traveled home and arrived at 8:15pm.... just in time for dinner:) H ah haaa. We unpacked, ate dinner, bathed the kiddies, tidyed the house (some) and are heading to bed ourselves....just exhausted....

The kids did really well traveling...but we did run into some "excitement"....somewhere in our journey the kids picked up another stomach bug. So Christopher had stomach cramps for a couple of days, Lydia has had a bout of diarrhea and then last night Anna was throwing up with diarrhea..... BTW she was a lovely person to be sharing the bed with last night:) About 10 minutes from my aunt's house this afternoon, Lydia threw up all over herself and the car our plans changed a bit and we cleaned her up at my mother's hotel room (an early check -in saved the day). And during lunch in Grammie's hotel room, Lydia actually received 2 baths.... and she threw up at my aunt's the garden :)

But we're safe, somewhat healthy and HOME!!! It was a good trip...I don't think any of my pics of family and friends we're inspiring, but some were fun, so I'll try to post them tomorrow:)

One of my greatest encourager friends asked if I would consider taking my kids on a missions trip again, soon? My honest answer to her was, " Let me have a few days to recover and reflect on this one and then I can answer."

And let me credit the fact that we even looked "put together" to Brian and my mom....I know I wouldn't have even tried to pull this off without them and their support. Brian wanted me to come and my mother desperately wanted to give me the chance to participate with the team in every activity.....

Ok, pics tomorrow...I need to REST :)


Stacey said...

Glad you made it home safe!

Drea said...

phew u are better than me HAHA... I could not of handled the barf... owhh boy. Glad you all are home safe! look forward to the pics. We leave soon for the Mtns... for vacation. So we need to get together before we go, kay?