Monday, August 25, 2008

Successes, Little Boys

After many attempts to keep his britches dry, Christopher finally got some pee-pee in the potty..... he was soooo EXCITED!!! And we really encouraged him and high-fived and all the other stuff that builds up little boys (fruit snacks). Then he got to call Grandma to share the good news:)

Before nap he saw Anna using the potty and said that he wanted to go too.... I had a line at the potty!! Anyway, he tried and was successful again. And yes, he is now napping with BB pants on....I now it sounds crazy, but my ears are listening and I've totally mentally prepared myself for the possibility of having to wash his sheets numerous times in the next few days (but hopefully I won't have too).

I haven't blog my recent struggle with Christopher..... I know he is a little boy, but he is constantly having toys (recorders, toy screwdrivers, blocks, spoons) act as guns and swords. We are VERY careful about what the kids watch, but where else would he pick up on violent stuff and shouting, "kill"!

Well some of his knowledge might come from Old Testament stories or even the Ressurrection account when there were shouts against Jesus at his "trial". And maybe Chris was been influenced by watching older kids at the park..... or from the news??

As I was reading one of my "new" books this afternoon during some "alone time", I got to a place where Cynthia Sumner (a MOPS lady)talks about the difference between her own boy and girl. Much of the "threatening" behavior I see in Chris she had in her own son. And this weekend I was able to chat with a sweet Christian mom about her "little boy experience" (and she's had plenty of boy-experience) and she just shrugged and said ,"it's boys". Anyway, this was a funny account from Sumner's child-rearing days that "comforted" me:

"The first playgroup I attended consistent of my son, four or five little girls, and their respective moms. It didn't take long for me to realize that my son and I were the "odd men out", to coin a phrase. For the most part, the little girls played together quietly and peaceably. They did not chase each
other around menacingly, waving the hammer from the pounding bench..... Thank
goodness one mom in the group had an older preschooler boy. She affirmed that my
son was normal and behaved just as other little boys do - or I could have come
away from that experience thinking there was something seriously wrong with
-Sumner, Mommy's Locked in the Bathroom
So at least he's normal... haa ha ha ha... I already knew that. But how do I make my house "safe" for little boys and girls??? I have Christopher repeat his offense from one our rules and then have him repeat what he can do with his hands like "play, hug, help". There are swift consequences!! And I do try to let him have something to hit.... so that's why when he's outside he is usually hitting trees, pine cones and playgrounds with sticks.... it's good for him to have an outlet...that's not a "sister"!!

Other than those ways, I try to relax a little and enjoy my little boy..... I was just tickled to death with him yesterday. He sat through the Sunday AM and PM services very nicely. Before and after church he was very pleased to answer questions about his "battle wound" and anything else they wanted to ask:) He's always soo animated when he talks.... it's just too cute and reminds me of how quickly he is growing up:)

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