Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bye Grammie and Chris' BIG day

This afternoon my momma headed out!!! She'll be close over the blog and e-mail for the next few months:)

She called from the airport to say "goodbye". Anna was being a little shy so Christopher jumped on the phone. He told her about getting his stitches out and then asked her, "you going to Canada?" He made a face (probably her saying no). And then we hear him say, "You going to S_____ ?" Which was a hoot! We'd never heard him say that country before.... but he knows.... he knows a lot more than I think:)

Well, Mr Smarty Pants is changing his pants tomorrow..... we're jumping to Potty Training using a method from an e-Book!!! I was very skeptical but after reading the materials I am really looking forward to the next 3 PT days:) I'm sure I'll try to sneak some blog time in.... in between potty times and scrubbing underpants:) EWWW....

The method really, really advocates having the PTer next to me at all times and to use the days to play and teach them new stuff. So I'm looking forward to playing with the kids all day and having Christopher close. I think he is totally ready just lacking the motivation......maybe he'll be easy????

I'll keep you "posted" until then......
Mom, have a good trip!! E-mail me when you get "home"!

****The photo was taken in Canada by Ginny, a college student at our church, who was were blessed to have on the trip. And she's obviously a budding photographer:)

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