Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Well I've mentioned before that my biggest hesitancy with homeschooling is that I won't be consistent enough. Anna and I have been working through her "reading" book for months now and we've just finished lesson 44 today!!! BUt I am a little laid back about schooling right now, considering she is only 4 and it's the summer!!!! Still I think it's good to get a little "structured" time throughout the year (that's the teacher in me)!!! So one of my big goals this week was to get back into a routine.......

Yesterday, anytime of structured school didn't happen, at least on my part, until right before dinner prep!! But earlier in the afternoon I was mentally beating myself up over not reading with Anna before lunch.....as I was folding laundry I heard Christopher and Anna giggling in the office.... When I peeped in I realized they were playing a reading "game" on Starfall. Anna was sounding out words and her and Christopher were slowly working their way through the stories.....

It was just a reminder to me that they want to learn and will learn regardless of things I make more important. And that they are little, so they can learn A LOT from play and toys that encourage learning. I finally did spend time with her reading and I was pleasantly surprised by how well she did since we hadn't worked on any reading for at least a week and a half.

Maybe it's because I tried to buckle down or because we had soo much fun last night reading, we worked on our lesson before lunch today!!!


Jenn said...

Awe, that is GREAT! Anna is reading so well!!

Hey, I can use some tips on lesson planning. Since you have that "teacher" experience, that would be helpful. I'd love to plan my whole yr, but I know in my heart that things will come up and we need to be flexible. This is what I love about home-schooling.

We are also trying this week to get back into a better routine. I really let the children stray too far in the past several weeks.

The first part of the summer we did well with keeping some structure with Bible, Math, Spelling and Reading. Then when we took our beach vacation, and it all went downhill from there! HA!

The kids have had a fun summer, and have been playing a lot with our neighborhood kids. So, I don't mind too much. Yet, God is putting on my heart to keep certain things going like our Bible times together and reading (which they have done well with the reading program at the library) Math, Latin and Spelling. : )

Oh, they've been doing well with keeping their music going too ; ).

Let's get together soon! Miss ya'll!!!

Mark and Rachel said...

So cute! I loved her laughter...I am impressed at how well she's doing.

Grandma said...

Granddaddy and Grandma thought you did a great job with your reading, Anna!