Monday, August 4, 2008

Our visit with the Mayor

One of the most needed stops along the way was to see my Pop-pop!!! It had been over 2 YEARS since I'd seen him last....

He was able to meet Lydia, talk with Anna and play with Christopher. I think he was very glad to meet them, I know they can be overwhelming as a group but they did well to be gentle and quiet while with Pop-pop.

Pop-pop seemed well. He's getting older and the home thought he had had a mini-stroke sometime during the night before we saw him. But he seemed to be in good spirits and enjoyed the visit with us.

Brian and I went back to see him the next morning by ourselves since the kids were sick and Pop-pop was able to share some of his struggles as "mayor" of the home :) He certainty has kept his personality and desire to manage stuff:) (Good 'ole retired military!) You can tell the home encourages some of it with the hat that he wears that says "the Mayor". Some of the nurses and residents even referred to him as Mayor :)

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