Thursday, August 21, 2008

Collage of our Wednesday Adventures

Wednesday we spent most of the day with Grammie and Pey. We decided to take the ferry to the Children's Museum.....what fun!

I thought Anna would be a little hesitant, but she didn't have any concerns:)And the children's museum was PACKED b/c of a couple different schools visiting the museum (year-round school). But we had plenty to do and the kids really liked it and got to explore new things.....

I thought it was funny that during the Planterium show we all fell asleep...I must have been tired falling asleep during a show with TWO kiddies on my lap:) But it gave us all a little cat nap which kept us, especially the kids, from getting too grumpy.

My parents tried to convince me to stay the night and help send off Pey this afternoon.....but I had woken with a sore throat and was starting to feel a cold coming on.... after a runny nose
night and having a "head" cold this was a good decision to have already made the short trip home.

But Pey will leave today and my mom will be leaving Sunday.... we won't see them again until early December :( But at least they're connected with the Internet. And when Mom visits she can stay for a couple weeks at a time (Dad's schedule isn't as flexible).
We were worried that the kids wouldn't get to know Pey. But with pictures and talking about Grammie and Pey, they do pretty well with only seeing him 2x a year!! Anna was Pey's shadow yesterday afternoon :)

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Drea said...

sorry to hear ur feeling sick. taite has a tiny runny nose, but thats about it. i think stuffs floating around. Looks like you had fun tho!