Thursday, August 7, 2008


So I've been holding off some in revealing my new blogging spot..... THE COUCH!!! After many months of using a computer with many limitations and storing all my photos on my husband's computer:) Well we finally broke down and got one during the tax-free weekend... Brian surprised me on the way home. He said, "So you want to stop by and get a computer." I seriously was like "WHAT!!" But he knew that we had waited for a long while and he knows I'm always try to be super conservative with spending money... (I don't rip wipes in half for the fun of it)!!!

So I'm on my super simple student model laptop computer.....but it is soo awsome!!! Of course I'm always learning to use my "down-time" wisely.....

But I finally can get to use Picasa.... FINALLY and I tried it out this evening with just a simple shot of Lydia playing....just using the "I'm feeling lucky" button made a HUGE difference in the picture!!! SWEET!!!
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Mark and Rachel said...

yeah for Picasa and a new laptop! I can't believe how long Lydia's hair is getting!

Drea said...

awee how exciting! you will love having picasa.