Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time with Gran-Grandma and Uncle Larry

We went to visit Brian's Grandma and Uncle Larry this evening. The kids got a very short nap during the car ride to their home, so they were a bit wild....

Christopher amused himself and the rest of us with a rubber exercise tension code-thingy. He found it as he was folding Gran-Grandma's special electric Lazy-Boy in half.... anyway, he started pulling a letting it go so it's make a LOUD snap for his entertainment we all had to cover our ears and watch the master at work.

Our attempt at a "family" picture.... we had a long day

Anna showing affection to Gran-Grandma and being silly!

Grandma was tired before we got there, so I KNOW she was tired when we left. But we did have a good meal and visit. Can you believe Grandma will be 100 yrs old in less than 6 months??

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Anonymous said...

wow, 100 years! No, I did not imagine it. I really thought from the pictures that she is younger.But it is great that you could go there and she could see her great-grandchildren.