Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day #2 DONE!!!

Well we had a similar day as yesterday with finally catching on in the late morning, a dry nap and then a rough late afternoon/evening. Tonight was rough because he was trying to "hold" a stinky and was just getting very upset.... but he didn't want to make it in his pants and he tried to make it on the potty NUMEROUS times. It was emotional for him and challenging for us (being needed in the bathroom every 5-10 minutes while trying to plan/prepare/eat dinner).

One comic event was an attempt on my part to ward off constipation.... I heard somewhere that a good dose of sugary sweetness might do the trick. So I told Christopher that I had something that would help...so we headed off into the kitchen to make Kool-Aid...or in our case "poopie juice". Anyway, that lightened the mood and we got some giggles especially when they first tried it not knowing what to expect.

Eventually we did have some success and for a "treat" we brought down an "old" fire truck that was too big for him when he received it. We put in new batteries and he was loving it....we were left thinking "why, oh why did we bring that back down...it's soo loud"!!

Today was very challenging besides the potty training, the normal behavior training has been soo very draining (I feel like a Dr Suess book with all the rhymes). Anna bucked her way through reading, Lydia fussed at every direction, and they all tested rules where ever they could.....

But it's good I've had this "down time" to get back into a normal schedule for us and to have a period of training and re-training. Even though it can driving me a little "crazy". That's why naptime was highly anticipated today and I snuck out to check the mail and chat with a friend.... totally needed today.... and she's a veteran, so she remembers!!

I should also mention that after naps we had a good time playing cards.... I found these cute decks of cards the other day. One was Go Fish...but you had to pair the uppercase and lowercase letters. And the other was one of my little brother's favorite called Crazy Eights.... a little kid version of Uno!! Anna really liked it and I was actually surprised by Christopher's participation...he sat through one whole game!!!

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