Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Into Day #2

Well for all those who care......

The night went well I woke Christoher before I went to bed to give him a chance to potty, but he didn't go. We had a very, very quiet night. At 5am I woke up and just couldn't sleep...... I was anxious as to whether I should wake Christopher to let him potty, or just let him wake if he wets himself????

Well I finally got to sleep and rolled out of bed before 7 to check on him. He was just a tad wet but a very cool, damp....so it was "old". I asked if he wanted to get up to potty and he gladly did and did a lot:) And then I bathed him since he had slept in some pee-pee and changed his sheets since he had rolled off the HUGE mat sometime in the night:) Sure it was more than i wanted to think about at 7am, but not bad:)

We've had a couple accidents and a couple successes this morning. But the good news is that he's started to fall into a time pattern so I know when to start looking for accidents. And he is starting to CARE that he's messy or wet.

As for the girls, Anna is learning some basic morning chores this week (putting away folded clothes, making bed, dressing and putting night clothes away). And I'm also attempting to have Anna read everyday to get her ready for structure and obeying instructions. Lydia wants to potty with Christopher. We're trying to help her to obey without fussing,clean-up when she's done with toys and keeping markers,crayons,pencils at the table.


Grandma said...

Christopher: Granddaddy and Grandma are sooo proud of you. Be thinking what "surprise" you would like.

Kimberly said...

Hang in there mom!!!!!!!!!!Tell Christopher Miss Kim is proud of him .

Jenn said...

This is one stage I do not miss...the potty training.

Hang in there Mom! Way to Go Christopher!!

How wonderful that Anna is doing chores and reading regularly. That is super!