Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fine Dining???

Ok, if we're really honest, we remember having really gross habits as kids.... hmm, mine kids lick their shoes when in the car???? or eat food off the floor. One of our kiddies has another gross habit....

One of our sweet children confessed to their Daddy that they "picked their nose and ate the booger at the end of their finger." Ewww....

Brian answered them, "Well, that's pretty gross, you shouldn't do it anymore."

My child answered,"Daddy you need to try new foods."

*** So I know I need to watch for it and correct. In fact I saw them at the first step the other day and sent them into the bathroom to wash their hands. They came out and asked "Why?" And I gave them the GERM talk..... I haven't seen it since..... so far

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Erica said...

Yes, I have one that frequents that same place...and though I have a houseful of boys it is not any of them. LOL! I am working hard to teach her how gross that is.

Glad you got a laptop--welcome to heaven!!! HAHAHA! Wait till you have another baby and you are up all can take your computer with you!