Friday, August 29, 2008

Potty Charts

So our first few days of potty training I was using another mom's method... it was good, but didn't totally fit my un-motivated little man!!

Yesterday was the first day of potty training our way (with the foundation of the first 3 days). So for that it means dragging out the "potty charts". For the first day I made a really, really simple chart that had him put stickers in three circles with the prize listed at the top. So I would remind him of the prize when he would sit on the potty and then he could put a sticker on the chart when his was successful. Many times throughout the day, I'd sit him on the potty and he wouldn't do anything..... but the whole day we had 2 accidents!!!

Today he was able to redeem his "prize"..... a trip with Daddy to see the town's fire trucks and Mr Fred's puppies. Christopher came back just as excited as he left but Brian informed me that they had seen neither....but he went with Daddy which he had been hoping to do ALL week (but had been stuck at home potty training).

Today, I pulled out the "big dogs"...... that is the super chart!!! So now we can work on all the aspects of potty training..... trying, success, handwashing and having a "happy heart" through it all.

Our plan for today has been to "try" to potty every hour.....I'm really ready for Christopher to take the initiative and want to potty in the potty on his own! But he has yet to go to the potty himself....I am initiating it and encouraging him.... and now reminding him that we can put a check in the "happy heart" column when he "tries" with a happy heart. So far we've only had two accidents today..... I'm sure we would have had MORE had I not been attempting to bring him.

Any ideas of how to motivate a little boy???? I've got the chart (which he does enjoy seeing his check marks and smiles from Mommy), I've got the candy,and we've called Grandma????

Some may be wondering about Lydia...... she is the perfect "pull-ups" baby. She tells us she needs to potty when her diapers are on. So in the morning I've continued to put BGP on her. She wears them until she wets in them and then I put on diapers.....during the day I am taking off her diaper (and all her clothes) when we wants to potty.

Since I had BM problems with Christopher and Anna, I am determined NOT to try any intensive potty training with Lydia until we have a successful BMs in the potty. Then that aspect of potty training won't be a roadblock, like they've been with Anna and Christopher. Until then I will be attempting to get a BM in the potty and letting her potty when she wants to:)

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