Monday, August 11, 2008

How to Survive.....Little Boy Messes (part1)

He'll find dirt to play in where ever we go:)

Here's the "up close" view.....

He went to play all dirty.... Here's a photo of him playing that I got to play with on Picasa (I'm totally learning and figuring out what I like or what looks good).
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So as a rookie Mom (one little boy) this is how I solved the dirty little boy who needs to go to the grocery store with us....

1- Let him play until the mud dried and then could be brushed off :)

2- Used the extra clothes from the diaper bag (always keep it packed, even for the older ones)

3- Used a wipe to get the dried on mud off his face and arms

4- Keep your cool and let your little, adventurous, curious (and dirty) boy be a little boy...... oh, and take pictures so when he's a dad and has a little boy who likes dirt and MUD you can remind him of all of his little boy messes!!!

Oh, and let me thank Jenn and her kiddies for coming to the park with us AND offering to take Christopher home and clean him up while I grocery shopped:) He was too sleepy for something new...maybe next time:)

And my hands currently smell like Coconut.....why, well Christopher opened a shampoo container at the grocery store and I had another little boy mess to tend to:)

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Heather said...

So funny and so familiar.