Monday, August 25, 2008

Day#1 Done, Night #1 to Come:)

Well Chris woke up dry from his first nap!!! YAY!!

But pretty much the rest of the evening was changing underpants and cleaning up pee-pee:) I'm not sure why it finally stuck this morning and then why he lost momentum in the late afternoon/evening. But he did....

To put him to bed, we had him potty twice..... once he wanted to impress Daddy and then the final time before bed he raced Anna. The racing Anna worked very well.... both happily used the potty before bed:)

I had a sweet blog-reading neighbor bring over a waterproof pad (baby lap pad) to lay in Christopher's bed to possibly help me from changing sheets during the night.....THANKS, Susie!! Anyway, I dug through the baby stuff that I'm backing up and found another.....WHY hadn't I thought of using those????

Day #1 hasn't been too bad.... I think it seemed harder just because I was sick and exhausted from the busy weekend and the kids just seemed pretty hyper!! I hope to pull out some preschool games I have recently bought and maybe some painting...

And as I tried to stay in the same room as the kids, I really noticed some of the dynamics of their relationships that I had been missing and their lack of immediate obedience. So this is good that I see that NOW before we try to start a little more structured schedule next week to give Anna some preschool time.

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Kimberly said...

Hey Kelly - You can also use a plastic tablecloth -the kind with the flannel backing - you put the flannel side up for him to rest on. This is what the Dr. suggested we do with Grandma Belle in case of an accident.Good Luck