Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Animal Lover

At my aunt's house last weekend, Christopher was entertained by her cute pets. And for Brian and I the whole conversation about whether we should get a pet was started again.

Both of the girls enjoy watching animals, other's pets, at the zoo, or a squirrel in the back yard, but they usually keep their distance! Once the animal begins to move in their general direction they cry and come running to me:) Nothing bad has ever happened to them and Lydia might react that way because she's always seen Anna; but that's what they do!

Christopher definitely is my "animal lover". He is just attracted to them!!! We've been joking for a while that he needed a dog to play with because of his energy level:) While at a friend's house months ago, their bigger dog pinned him to a tree to lick his face and Christopher just stood there giggling.

But for all the practical reasons, our family isn't quite ready for an animal (the kids barely helped with the fish once the novelty wore off)!!! Right now I'll take all the blame, I just can't imagine cleaning up the carpet after anyone one else. I have two little kids to potty train before I can even consider "house breaking" a dog. NOt to mention all the dog food and vet bills :)

So for now we'll enjoy OTHER people's pets:)

Last night we went to see some puppies at a neighbor's house...we could only find one puppy, but the kids were soo cute with the puppy. I was very surprised with Anna holding the puppy so early in the visit!!

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