Sunday, January 20, 2008

Painted Toes

Since Anna was a little tyke we've tried to paint her toes. I remember her being in a highchair at my parent's house during her first summer. We thought she's be distracted by eating and so my mom and I tried to paint her toes....she pitched a fit.

Everytime she's seen me painting my own I've asked her if she wanted me to paint hers. "Nope." It's not her personality to try something completely new until she's comfortable with it.

Well in the last month she has seen two of her friends (both older by at least 9 months) with their fingernails and toenails painted. Today she made the connection at lunch. "Did you know that Rachel and Katie both had their fingernails painted?" Of course it hadn't crossed my mind that the girls even had their nails painted.

Well she just snuck out of bed and fed me the line, "I need to make a stinky. Will you stay in here with me?" She's had a tough night, so I easily gave in. She then quickly asked if I could "paint her toenails." H ahahahaa.....I told her as long as she tried to make the stinky I would paint her nails. As they were drying she said, "We need to go see Daddy. He will be so impressed." Impressed.....where did she learn that word?

Anyway, Daddy is tickled pink that she is such a cute little girlie girl!!

Can she really be influenced by friends at this young of age? Granted it's just painted toes....something we've been talking to her about and wanting her to try. But for her opinion to change over it just because of her just seems to young. Of course, she does wait for Christopher to try the new indoor playground before she'll venture up.......


Erica said...

Little miss Orli loves to have her nails painted. She will make me do both fingers and toes, and then she makes me do one of mine. She will run around showing everybody saying "That's My PINK!"

In our house, I am very glad to have her desire such a girly thing--since she plays with dump trucks and dinos. :)

Drea said...

awe so cute! When I paint my toes Caleb always wants to paint them. Travis things thats weird. im like "he thinks its paint.. like painting a picture." :-)