Thursday, January 31, 2008

Saying His Name

What were we thinking???? Naming our sweet boy "Christopher". He'll finally be able to write his name in 5th grade :) And I've been trying to coax him into saying his name. The conversation usually goes like this:

Kelly:"Christopher, what is your name?"
Christopher: "Anna."

K: "No, your name isn't Anna. Anna is right there (pointing to Anna). What is your name?"
C: "Lydia."

K: "No, your name isn't Lydia. Lydia is right there (pointing to Lydia). What is your name?"
C: "Daddy."

K: "No, your name isn't Daddy. He's in the office. What is your (pointing to his chest) name?"
C: He points to his chest and says confidently, "Me!"

So today I pulled out the last trick.....gummy worms:) His aunt trained him to say "Aunt Jac" when he was 14 months or I figured I'd give it a it is......

Ohhhh.... and speaking of my kids talking Lydia has started to say another word. Her first two are "uh-oh" and "Daddy". Her newest is "bad"!! Yes and she swats her hand like she is trying to hit........hmmmmm, I wonder where she picked that up. Maybe her sweet and innocent BIG brother!!!

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