Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dinner Differences with kiddies

Well Brian had a meeting one night this week during dinner (which doesn't happen often). It figures that I had at least two cranky kids the whole evening...mostly due to the fact that these colds are physicaly draining and they want extra attention (which is impossible with only one set of arms).

I had on the agenda to bathe them so I fed them the Kiddie Favorite...Spaghetti and Broccoli (they LOVE broccoli) :) During the meal I was watching the difference in Christopher's and Lydia's eating style. Christopher literally digs into his food with hands (sometimes forks or spoons). Lydia is learning how to use a fork and spoon and she LOVES using them!!! In fact we went out to last weekend and I gave Lydia her plate and a fork (from the restaurant) and let her go.....she did soo well that another customer approached us asking her age and how we taught her to use the fork.

I've got a much different story for Christopher. We had a family visiting our church and we invited them over for lunch after church. What did we serve....spaghetti (of course). We sat Christopher down in a booster with his plate and baby fork. Our child started grabbing food by armfuls and shooving it in his mouth. The other family was really they were speachless they; they didn't know whether to laugh or gasp or take his plate away or get a washcloth for us. After it looked like he was finished I had to bathe him....yes in the middle of lunch with company....he was that covered in spaghetti. He's much better....but he's still so messy.

So sitting there watching the kids I decided to pull out my camera and try to capture the difference. Of course Christopher really pulled out the manners when I started filming him :) But even in their faces and hands you can see who the messier of the two is..... Ohh and I did have to bribe him to let me take his picture while he that explains the gummie worm at the end :)

Ohh, and I had to add music to cover the wailing :) They all decided to fuss all night.....just one of those evenings. Thank goodness they don't happen often !!!!!

So we still have some table training to go. It really was quite the dinner time experience.....fussiness, spaghetti, Anna using the potty, more fussing, sauce, and videos.....I'm sure Daddy was a little glad he missed this one!!

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Helen said...

Kelly, I had to laugh as I watched. It's amazing how you see your child's personality in everything they do. Christopher seems to have plenty of enthusiam for life. :)

Nathan tends to eat the first few bites with a fork and then after that just digs in with his fingers. We had waffles for breakfast yesterday, and he ate a couple off the plate before he just dumped it on the tray and ate the rest with his fingers. It was a sticky mess when he got done. :)

I'm enjoying your blog!