Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weird Fears

Ok.......when you potty train most kids you use the potty.....Christopher is just different. To get him used to the idea of what pee-pee is and where it comes from we've developed a habit of letting him pee-pee in the tub.

This morning I gave the kids a quick bath (since we got in late last night). Anyway, Little Man jumped in the tub and did the pee-pee thing on something he thought was a "bug". I'm sure there wasn't a bug in there because I had just taken a shower and because I looked for it after he told me. But he wouldn't touch the water...just plain refused until I put Lydia in and started washing her like nothing was wrong.

As you can see he quickly adjusted to getting his bath, like normal!! It was just so strange and funny the way he had himself propped up like that.

Christopher also managed to bust his lip during Sunday School this morning. He tripped over himself (or something like that) getting out of his chair. The Sunday School teacher came and got me because he started fussing for me ;( Anyway, his tooth must have cut through his lip because it was bleeding on the inside and out....ouch!! After a few moments with Mommy he was back to normal and back in the chair to do his craft :)


Drea said...

boys! Taite pee'd on the floor at McCalisters Deli one time. Travis went to change him. Took his diaper off.. went to grab the other one out of the bag...

pppsssppp... pee all over the floor. SO FUNNY :-) he went and told the lady at the counter and was like "yea... he pee'd straight on your floor... theres a puddle,."

Grammie said...

Since he's trying to hit "Bugs" with his pee try putting Cheerios in the toilet and let him take aim. It might get him interested in peeing in the toilet instead of the tub. This technique worked for me when I was training mine!!!