Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Year Already?

Well today we celebrated Lydia's birthday. Brian and I remember the hoping we did each night waiting for labor to come during the night :) But to no avail, Lydia had to be "induced" out.

I guess I can chase the rabbit about my theory about labor and the kids' personalities. Anna wasn't too early or too late...she's very timely. She required alot of hard work but she was ready and willing. She still can be a little stubborn at times but is usually soo complaint and wanting to please! Christopher...phew...he came at least 10 days early and surprised us all. And we labored in the sweetest environment and immediately had visitors. Can I say Christopher?? He is always TWO steps ahead of us, he can have the sweetest nature (hugging toy babies, saying "I wuv you" to Mommy) and he easily makes friends. Lydia (like I said above) had to be FORCED out and then be checked over by the NICU (who she smiled and coo-ed at). Lydia is by far the snugglest baby we've had and she is very good natured, we've had a LOT of smiles :)

I pulled some of our favorite pictures.....I hope you enjoy as we celebrate Lydia's 1st year :)

We praise God for our sweet blessings....Anna, Christopher and Lydia!! And we thank Him for everyday (exhausting or fun) that we are given with eachother:)

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