Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Musings

What a day it turned out to be. Anna had been fussing for a little while now about some pains and aches she had been having....finally tired of having a fussy kid I called our nurses' line. They suggested bringing her in because they suspected an UTI (urinary tract infection). Well once Anna knew she was headed to the doctors' she fussed even more. But we survived....she did the best she had ever done at the doctors !! She's fine, the doctor believes most of it is still problems (stubborn) with moving #2!!!

Speaking of Anna I had to share this pic of her on was like 72 outside and she got dressed in sweatpants and a sweater top. I told her it was going to be warm so she should change into a short-sleeve top.....this outfit is what she returned in. She had put on a short-sleeve top and then pushed her long-sleeves up her arm into the short-sleeve shirt. She is my ragga-muffin...for sure!!

Finally, my husband said that if I had to blog today I should ask my loyal readers (...he hehee) if I should dump the plant or try to revive it ? Actually I think he said I should ask if it is suitable for home decor....ha hahahaa. Man, who can think of watering some green onions when there are kids holding onto your legs because they want someone to play with or are hungry :) I do feel bad that I did not care for the onions better becasue a friend gave them to me and I was really looking forward to some green onions in my next stir-fry :) JUst looking now, I think the plant looks better (greener) in the picture!!!!!

Off to fold laundry and watch some more Jane Austen movies...I think were watching Emma now:)


Grammie said... is THAT what that thing is in your kitchen. I was wondering but had decided not to ask, as you did have your hands full when we were visiting over the holidays.

Now that I know its green onions... my suggestion would be to pull one out and see if its totally dried up. If it isn't then cut all the tops off and start to water on a regular basis. Not too much... and not too little. It will be like giving it a buzz cut and having new hair grow. But you must cut all the leaves back especially if you're going to use them in stir fry. They should also get alot of sun in order to have green on their leaves. Find a nice sunny window and witness a true "revival".

Drea said...

ive never noticed that plant in your house.
id dump it :-) looks a widdle bit sick. haha

i wish caleb would dress himself ! i think thats so cute. calebs like "whatever" to anything he wears.

im behind on your blog. better catch up!

ill try and answer ur blog questions 2nite.

Mark and Rachel said...

Yeah, I'm afraid that plant is a gonner :( Better luck next time! I'm in the process of killing my second basil plant, but my friends have also killed one apiece so we think it is the cold and not us :)