Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Timely Word

While I was at Seminary I was challenged to read a Proverb chapter on each day that corresponded to that day of the on the 4th of July read Proverbs 4. Anyways, I am not consitent but sometimes when I have a moment to read......I'll just open to the Proverbs and read through some or the whole chapter that corresponds to that's kind of nice not having to figure out what I was last stduying or where my Sunday School class is going to be studying form......especially when I just have a moment.

This morning I needed a gentle reminder.....and so while drying my hair I opened my Bible up to Proverbs.....of course 31.....the "perfect" wife!!! And actually it was what my heart needed to be reminded of.....

So tomorrow is Feb 1st!!! Why not start and read Proverbs 1!! ANd whether you can consitently read each Proverb or whether you visit Proverbs during a moment of "down-time". Maybe our hearts and mind can be encouraged and directed this month to seek the wisdom of the Lord!!

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