Friday, January 18, 2008

Egg-Free Chocolate Chip "Cookies"

I've been on the constant hunt for the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie recipe that doesn't use eggs. So many that I've found (and tried) just substitute the eggs in the "normal" recipe with a oil, water, baking powder mixture. The mixture works for bready banana breads and pancakes. But NOT cookies. The cookies always spread out and get really, really wafers :(

So as a Christmas gift, I ordered a new "allergy" cookbook.....ahh yes, with a couple chocolate chip cookie recipes...this has to have something that works. SO we tried on tonight....grrr....chocolate chip wafers again!!!! I should say that most recipes work when you completely follow the directions which I DID.....but I'm going to continue my hunt by trying some new margarine....maybe something labeled for baking:)

The kids liked the cookies....which is what really matters!!!

There is ONE great thing about cooking without eggs....eating the batter!!! There are no risks of getting some raw egg we have enjoyed that part(especially with kids and the fingers in the batter)!!! And usually the batter looks just like the's cooking the batter that is causing us the problems.

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Mark and Rachel said...

How sad. I was thrilled last year when I finally found a decent chocolate chip cookie recipe free of wheat, corn, soy, diary--that was a feat, but well worth the wait! I just checked, though, and it has 2 eggs :( Very sad. Have you searched on-line any? What about on an egg-free forum? Good luck in the hunt.