Saturday, January 26, 2008

Keeping the kids busy:)

Well a friend posted in her blog the other day an appeal to other moms about some new ideas to keep her little kiddies busy during the cold winter days:) Somedays the day goes sooo S L O W when I don't have a set plan or I find myself just cleaning up after "the three tornados" all day.

So as I found myself doing "strange" things to keep the kids "busy" during the day I started to mentally list them....he hehe. Scary, euh?

I think I blogged this the other day. But yes...I got so desparate I pulled out the messy Play-Doh. But what I didn't mention in the last blog was that it was A lOT cleaner this time because Christopher wasn't licking the Play-Doh :)

And here is Christopher in the bath tub "painting" with Daddy's shaving cream.'s the deal don't do it with little ones who will put their fingers in their eyes. And make sure you rinse them off with clean water :) Don't want their soft sweet skin reacting with the shaving cream! Oh and make sure Daddy has plenty of shaving cream left:)

Ok, so this one wasn't my idea :) We have a friend staying with us some this weekend and during Lydia's little birhday party I caught the boys blowing bubbles in the house:)Ok, not normally done in the living room but I have done it in the bathroom :)

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