Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Monkeys

So, the nap didn't go so well. But I think the main problem was that he took a SOLID morning nap and he's at the point where he might not need two naps (well when you're puttting him down for the nap you question it, but after he keeps the timeout bench warm throughout his naptime you kick yourself). So I sat in his room and read.

The book I'm reading is called Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas. Thomas was an author I read while taking a Seminary class on Marriage and Family......anyway, I really enjoy his style of writting....honest, uses illustrations and humor. The cover makes it seem like the book is all about how women can change their husbands. But you don't get through the first few chapters to realize he is calling women to be the biblical wives they are supposed to be (to love and respect their husbands regardless of circumstances). It's been a very encouraging and challenging book.....

OK...back to the bunk beds. So we decided for the time being that we'd rather not our 3 and 2 yr olds to be climbing up into the top bed....for fear they could fall when we're not around. So this afternoon we got a mattress in the bottom bed and let the kids get used to Christopher's new bed. It took all of 10 minutes before we saw Anna climb up between the slats into the top bunk and balance herself on two slats!!!! I had them demonstrate it for me......

Soooooo......that was pretty quick. The solution we have is to put a box spring on top. We'll see how long that keeps them from the top. And I'm tried to warn them not to climb on it while Brian and I are not in the room....hopefully these two precautions will keep us from any problems.

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Erica said...

Exactly why we have decided not to bunk ours yet!!! Though it sure would have made things easier, but I kept picturing Elliot doing "Mr. Incredible" leaps from the top and Orli sitting up there laughing until she imitated.

Not ready yet.