Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Allergy Frustrations

Ok, like a week and a half ago we took Lydia to the allergist to get her tested for the few foods that cause trouble for Anna and Christopher. I had noticed her spitting up with milk and peanut (very early in the pregnancy) products after I had consumed them and then nursed her. And I blogged that her tests came back all allergies to milk, eggs or peanuts!!!!! sounded strange that she didn't have any allergies while her 100% biological brother and sister have two apiece. But I thought I would introduce the milk and eggs into her diet slowly to see how she would fair. BTW...the allergist gave us NO ideas of when to start or not to start introducing these foods to her...and the bill came in the mail last Friday....grrrrr!!

So last week we gave Lydia a very small amount of scrambled eggs. She ate them with no reaction at all...I really was excited!! This afternoon we had breakfast for lunch and I gave Lydia more eggs (since she liked them so much). Then that's when it happened!! We looked at her and saw this.....

She had the classic red rash and then the hives followed but were under her chin, where she already has the rash from teething.

So NO more experiments!! She's not going to try to anymore forbidden foods!! I'm not sure how long to wait before giving or trying to give her anymore bad foods...but right now, no more!!! But is it not crazy that she was supposed to not be allergic to anything, but then this........oh well?? We'll do what we can :)


Mark and Rachel said...

Don't get me started on how unreliable allergy tests are! right! Sorry for finding out the hard way :( Well, at least you are used the "no egg" life anyways. Interestingly enough, I can't eat straight eggs here in the UK. They destroy my stomach. I can still bake with them, but not scrambled or hard boiled. Bummer.

Drea said...

Thats so weird! maybe its the cooking oil?.. I dont get that... Taites huge on eggs... one morning he at 3!! which I thinks to much but Travis didnt restrain him haha. Most mornings tho he'll eat atleast 1 1/2-2eggs.

Did you put anything in the eggs?