Friday, January 25, 2008

Visiting the Zoo from Home

We have really enjoyed being members at the Norfolk Zoo this year!!! But when we visited after the new lion cubs were born we saw the advertisements for the zoo and cub cams. What a GREAT idea!!! So even on the coldest days when a trip to the zoo would be crazy, we can watch the animals.

Here's a picture we took of the zebra this morning!! IT's in the 30's there!! That's one COLD zebra!!

Here's an update about Christopher and the bunk beds. He never tried to escape his bed last night...but at about midnight he started waking and calling for "Mommy" and "Daddy". After he first started waking he was "up" the rest of the night. Brian and I took turns caring for him throughout the night. And we both spent some time trying to sleep in his bed. Trying because he was waking every 10-15 minutes crying in pain.... This morning he threw up a tiny bit and ate breakfast and acted normal (terroizing his sisters). He did go easily down for a morning nap as well....he protested until his head hit the pillow and then he was GONE........

So thank goodness the transition as been pretty far.. ha hahaa (only two sleeping times thus far). And last night WE were thankful that he was in a twin versus his crib or a toddler bed because we just curled up right next to him and rested while we rubbed his back.

How in the WORLD can we have a stomach virus again??? (I'm not quite sure at this point it even is a virus) But really except for Sunday and Wednesday night we haven't been anywhere or seen anyone other than church members......and really no other kids (minus 2 older ones in nursery Sunday morning)!!!

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