Monday, January 7, 2008

A New Do

Well it was time once again to cut Christopher's mop :) In fact on Sunday morning when I was getting him out of bed I realized I could easily get one of Lydia's hairbows in his hair. So tonight was the NIGHT!!!

At dinner Brian and I discussed the the kitchen, with the clippers, a DVD player, some candy and then a bath for all three :) Christopher quickly caught on and started protesting. His last cut was soo cute, but it was challenging to keep him calm and still using just this why we chose the clippers.

He actually did MUCH better with the clippers, even though it was the first time he was around them or they were used on him! He fussed some when we started getting hair on his neck and on his face....who wouldn't, that stuff is itchy!!! Daddy did use the scissors to trim!! Believe me it was a MILLION times easier than taking Anna to get her hair trimmed.....and we weren't anywhere closer to her ears or head :)

Gotta LOVE the portable DVD player and Dora :)

Thanks Daddy!!!!!


Grammie said...

Great job, Brian. And tell Christopher how handsome he looks and what a big boy he is for sitting so still. Grammie is so proud of him.

Erica said...

Very cute, and go Brian!! I am impressed that you ever cut any kids hair cut with scissors! I have only dared use clippers -- which means I take Orli to a salon! Guess she can get spoiled that way since she IS the only girl!!! LOL! Though Elliot did 'dare' to cut her hair with scissors, so she has a little short spot on the top...