Thursday, January 24, 2008

Staying Sane during the COLD days

Well I haven't been blogging much this week (ha h aha). Part is due to my camera not having room for more pictures or videos (That I desperately want to catch and post). Part is due to my children being slightly under the weather with colds (coughing, endless runny noses). The other 50% (ha haha) is entertaining the kiddies, since we're all couped up. And with even a slight cold- Momma looses some naptime freedom!!

I did manage to cleanup the camera a little bit to get a little room for some more pictures!! During the LONG winter days we try to bathe during the day....playtime in the warm bathtub!! The hardest part is getting out........

And today I broke out the Play-Doh......They were having a blast and lasted a pretty long time at the table. You may wonder what I do to keep Lydia busy during this time....I found her under the table playing with the Play-Doh toys Christopher was dropping.

Off to sit in Christopher's room....we're transitioning him into a "big bed". This is his first sleeping time in it.....I put him down and caught him running around in the house. SO I put him back down. Daddy just informed me that Christopher was in his crib pulling toys off the shelf (the high shelves he normally can't reach). SO sounds like he needs a little more direction :)

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