Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lincoln Logs with Magnets

Today we pulled out a Christmas toy to use for the first time....they are called Magnalogs by Mega (here's the smaller set on Ebay). Anyway, the box had a picture of the things you could build with them. So Anna picked out what she wanted and we got started....

I'm trying to remember if we owned any Lincoln Logs growing up.....not sure, but I do remember playing with some somewhere. I wasn't sure about these "new" magnetic logs. But they were worth a try and from what older homeschooling parents say.....Lincoln Logs are a great creative/building toy:)

So I started to make the "Super Play Fort" for Anna. I mean it had a little house on stilts and a slide coming down......what a cool house to make!!! I worked for about 15 minutes and realized a BS in Mathematics was NOT enough for this project.....I should have gone into Engineering to prepare for this task:)

I really honestly think that they didn't include enough pieces for the project they had pictured or the pieces weren't quite right!! Most pieces had magnets in the joints but the longest piece with three grooves didn't have magnets in the middle groove....what a pain!!! Daddy walked through the living room at one point laughing because the conversation he had heard Anna and I having about the pieces not being "right". He took a quick look at it and concluded the same thing :) He's challenged to take them back out tonight and try to make the "Super Play Fort". Who knows we might break down and start seaching the Net for the instructions..... ha ha ha :)

I did make part of the playhouse for Anna....the piece that included the slide!!! And she was happy and played with the logs for another hour or so! And they were pretty fun!!!

Of course, most projects are MUCH easier when Christopher doesn't hide pieces under the couch cushions!!! The little Booger....as I was working he was hiding until I realized the pieces I needed were missing ;) I said aloud, "Now where did all those roof pieces go?" And Little Man ran over to the couch to show me!!

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Grammie said...

Stick with it, you'll figure it out. Or just make up your own design. Now you see why I had DUPLOS.