Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Wrap-up :(

Well we've had a busy and fun Christmas week and a half. We had some of my family come in on Christmas morning (brave souls since the stomach virus was just getting started) and then we travelled down to see Brian's family. We did have a good time with family catching up and trading gifts....regardless of the virus which detrailed plenty of plans....and even more visits with family :(

But now that I'm home and at my computer with all my pics. I was able to complete the collection of favorite Christmas pictures slideshow!!!


Grammie said...

So cute !! Great job. I'll have to show Pepiere when I get back to Saudi. He'll love it!!

Boy you can't even tell anyone was sick. It would be funny to make one of "the behind the scenes" slideshow. But I guess you were too busy to take pictures while the kids were vomitting :( Brian should have taken pictures of you doing laundry!!!!

I'm glad to see you were able to do a Jesus birthday cake while in Charleston.

Erica said...

Yeah, you looked pretty good for having a sick family!!