Saturday, January 19, 2008

Everything is Cuter with Piggies in her hair

Well Lydia is still in the pre-walk stage. It's been fun to sit back and enjoy all the different things she has had to learn in order to get to the next stage. Anyway, she is taking more steps and learning balance....and she's doing it on her own :)

I'm also trying, trying to get her used to soymilk so that she'll make the transition to soy easier. She loves to snuggle (and so does Mommy) so that might be a factor in how long it takes her to be weaned. Today she missed her mid-day nurse, so that was just twice....morning and night (we'll see if that is apattern or just too busy playing)!! Anyway, one way to transition is to feed her cereal with soymilk...which she is starting to like.

I've made a video of us today...doing the pre-walking thing, a picture Anna took of us (with my camera) and then her snacking on cereal with soymilk. And another cute piggie picture from last week. (I think I already shared it!) It's just too precious a stage not to share!!

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Drea said...

love the piggys. when she was walking it looked like she was doing some sorta dance! HAH! you having a birthday party for her? :-)