Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Attempting Organization

Well much like I thought I was patient and flexible before I had kids, I also thought I was organized.....well maybe I liked being organized! But with kids (at least three of them) being organized is the difference (in our house) between comfortable and cluttered. Or out the door in 10 minutes versus 20 minutes!! And being a Momma who likes to get "out" (walks, grocery store, park), I need organization!!! And I'm still learning how to do it ;)

So I have been in this "Get Organized" mode. I've been organizing kitchen drawers, kids' clothes, craft supplies, etc!! I have a few who are joking me about being pregnant....nope!!! Shoes have been my latest task!!! With three kids and two adults, church shoes, play shoes, casual shoes and slippers, we can have quite a mess at the front door. I thought I was doing well with keeping the kids shoes on a rubbermaid container. But it looked so BAD......

So after I just was tired of the mess I started looking online for a solution. And found the idea of a shoe cubbie!!! I mean we see them all the time at indoor playgrounds and daycares. I dragged the family to Target and lo and behold a shoe cubbie...on sale!!!! That night I started to pull the pieces out and found one already dented, so the boys ran back yesterday and got me a new one (Thanks fellas!!).

I've had it up a couple of hours. It's much smaller than I was hoping for. But I wanted it for the kids' shoes and it fits a pair of kids' shoes...maybe a really narrow pair of adults'. But it will be really nice to keep the shoes at the front door and in pairs, so during the rush to get out we have BOTH shoes in one spot...not having to dig through the pile will be nice!!! We will see how it works for us :)


Mark and Rachel said...

Kel, love the shoe cubbie hole idea and it looks great! I'm just concerned for the plant :) (in light of recent post about the chive plant!)

3 for Me!! said...

ha hahaa...actually the plant there is a Christmas catcus and has been around for a long, long time. Brian is wondering how in the world it has lasted these few years :) But it's a catcus and so it can survive a LONG time without water.

I do think the plant will be moved b/c the planter is glass, so it isn't so kid friendly and in a spot where little hands can quickly reach it.

Lydia already likes the shoe cubbie, she had the shoes out and back onto the floor in a heartbeat:) Maybe I can train her to put them back....but I doubt the pairs will be paired :)

Erica said...

I think I have to follow your example and get one too. Except mine will be covered in mud!

Oh, and I have a Christmas cactus as well that has somehow survived many years with me (I am a plant killer!!!) We've worked hard to 'kill' it this year, but it is still surviving. They sure can handle some neglect!